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Kerala Blind Association is an organisation which has been working as 80G income tax exemption for the welfare of the visually challenged since 2007. The association has been able to bring the social, educational and occupational problems of the differently abled before the government and the society and to solve them to an extent. The aim of the association is to work for the upliftment of the whole human society giving priority to the visually challenged and other differently abled individuals. KBA is not working under any religious or political organization. KBA is an association of all who wish to do good, of all the lovers of humanity belonging to various religious and political organizations.

Our Other Important Committies:

  • National Chartiy Development Board(NCDB)
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research & Development Centre for Differently Abled People
  • Helping Hands (Volunteer Team)
  • Eye Donation Department
  • Activist visual media
  • Differently Abled People’s Association
  • We believe in values

“Our Vision Is Our Mission”

To empower, educate and make them aware, to remove barriers and expand possibilities to achieve their potentials, from disabled to be able. KBA is very much earnest and socially committed. Volunteers are a great asset of the organization, who is the real value creators. Through them KBA performing various activities and involving in various social issues across the country. A smiling face is the remuneration of us and the journey will continue. As per the reports of the government 83000 blinds are in Kerala and 50 lakhs in India. Have you seen more than 25 blinds in your lifetime? Does this mean they are not belonging? NO, which means they feel insecure to come out solely.

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They were intimidated about the outside world and remains households. To make a change in this and to make them feel secure while they traveling alone, here KBA introducing a campaign called ” KAZHCHAYILATHAVARKKORU SAHAYA SPARSHAM” ( A Divine Touch for the blinds ) to make helping devices for blinds. KBA proudly introducing ” SMART AID STICK ” as its first project, which itself is going to be the most trust worthiest asset of blinds in their lifetime. A life-changing automated device for the Blinds

Our Aims & Values

KBA is aimed towards carving an equal stature for the person with a disability by providing them a platform wherein, they have equal access to opportunities and resources. Empower them through skill-building and employment.An India free from social bias, free from beleaguerment. A law sees its people equally. Where there is no divide and rule. Where people live in peace and harmony. “Attract and to be attracted “Our MOTTO. Day by day we are attracting and attracted by so many people through our activities and very much delighted.

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The association is planning and executing different policies for the socially affected and the deserved ones, through people of all ages were continuously attracting. A volunteer in the real sense who expressly or impliedly to provide not to take. We KBN’s are receivers as well as providers by means of physically, materially, financially, and also mentally. Whenever a person received a service from the organization and for the next time he/she himself/herself becomes a donor or a provider, is the face – identity of KBA. Building such a culture among people is possible – KBA is a standing example. This makes us satisfied and gives us the energy to do more and in the future, we are expecting more to come and join us as a team. Receiving donations for the socially deserved and distribute, give them the guidelines, and be with them till they smile is also one of the responsibilities. So far we are satisfied with this. Charity is not a matter of charity, it’s a process of life-saving, a process that leads to satisfaction and meaningful life. That we are aiming the most.

We believe in values..

Social Justice: KBA provides every individual equal access to our resources.
Approachable: We will make ourselves approachable to all through digital and physical means as applicable
Respect: We respect individuals as they are.
Trust: We believe in human values rooted in trust and affection. Transparency: Our activities are transparent and auditable under the statute.
Honesty: We work with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.
Kindness: Whatever we do, will be based on kindness towards the people we serve.

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