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Helping Device Projects

  • Smart Aid Stick
  • BatTorch
  • Guide Eye

"Currently working on SMART AID STICK."
Expecting completion on 2022-23


  • Training
  • Candle Making
  • Cane chair making
  • Chalk making
  • Basket making
  • Office file making
  • Book binding
  • Safety Cooking measures
  • Shearing Coconuts first grade
  • Computer Application
  • Public space movement including cane and person help
  • Telephone operations
  • Rope with the help of feet
  • Mat making
  • Singing and instrument
  • Packaging making
  • Sports


  • Guide Eye helping device for blinds
  • Emergency life saving helping hands first aid project
  • Smart aid stick helping device for blinds
  • Other helping devices for all disability
  • Plastic disposal project
  • Home for disabilities
  • Toll-free centre for disabled.
  • Programs for livelihood of such people
  • Pension for Blinds
  • Travel allowances for the Blinds
  • Subsidy and grant for Self employment
  • FREE education for Blinds children
  • FREE training for the Blinds in various fields
  • Equal rights for Blinds
  • More seminars and workshops for the Blinds Happy Living
  • More professional help for counseling purposes
  • Prepare the Blinds for the Non-blind population
  • More awareness for organ, blood and eye donation
  • More care and support for the children and youth blinds
  • More safety and security awareness related workshops and seminars for the blinds
  • Professional survey to be done for the blind youths and problems to give strong solutions
  • Bring the Blinds also forward to the society’s betterment
  • Red cross, NSS and other organizations to be associated with KBA
  • Introduce Audio Library for the Blinds
  • Work closely with all Panchayaths and National Health mission, and obtain AshaWorkers to associate with KBA.
  • Ongoing support and personnel for implementing new ideas for the Blinds
  • Support to promote the Blind’s projects to enhance the workmanship and training to a livelihood
  • Rehabilitation centers for the Blinds
  • Halls and building that could be in favor of the Blinds also for future purposes of training and exhibitions etc
  • Promote Book creation and publishing of Awareness for all types of the people in the society.
  • Promote the social workers by giving awards, certificates etc to increase the involvement of them in KBA
  • Create awareness against Drugs and Alcohol and all other unwanted substances to the public through KBA
  • Blind students were brought to the school
  • Blinds were made to obtain FREE pass in KSRTC, Private bus and trains.
  • Blind patients were given FREE medicines for their ailments.
  • FREE check up.
  • FREE meals
  • Workshops for well being of the Blind
  • Counseling for Mentally stressed Blinds