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A smart cane for blinds

  • Smart aid stick is an electronic guide with the help of modern technology in the happening of live loneliness. The primary goal of the Smart aid stick is to identify and navigate the obstacles along the way.
  • Commonly used, normal, white cane help to identify obstructions up to the knee. However, when using Smart aid stick, there are obstacles between the knees and the head. In isolated cases, those who are not visually impaired are more likely to use Smart aid stick functionality than White cane and it can identify up to 3 m in outdoor and 1.8 m in indoor.
  • This Smart aid stick helps by being instructed in finding a direction that is uninterrupted by before collisions occur.


An expert echolocator for blinds

  • BATTORCH is a device works based on echolocation principle of bats. Based on this principle, bat can move around in pitch darkness, so they can navigate, hunt, identify friends and enemies, and avoid obstacles.
  • Bat Torch works on echolocation principle, the visually impaired can identify and avoid obstructions by using this device.

A visual aid for blinds

  • GUIDE EYE is an advanced device for visually challenged people with which they can walk, identify objects, do regular activity and gather information without the help of other people.
  • The features include obstruction detection using infrared – vibration unit, Bluetooth connected with smart phone where place, date, location, blind assistance etc. were done through headset.