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Blindness is darkness! We are repeating this from decade and now. But with a blind person darkness is too a question mark. A big one. Because “ AWARENESS “is not there. They could feel air and wind, fire and hot, cold and rain, taste and smell all these but not VISION. Its really horrible and the world in search of this remedy is old as our civilisations. In 1905The first cornea transplant was performed in by Eduard Zirm (Olomouc Eye Clinic, now Czech Republic)and world got a remedy. After then Tudor Thomas, a clinical teacher for the Welsh National School of Medicine, conceived the idea of a donor system for corneal grafts and an eye bank was established in East Grinstead in 1955. Since then the world is after eradication of Blindness from earth. Still is in going. Here we will think about some questions and answers.
1. If there is an alternative for Vision and the answer is No.
2. Can cornea or vision replicate and the answer is No.
3. What is the only way to eradicate Blindness – Its EYE DONATION , the only way to see the world.

As the newest of us , a proud generation of modern technology, are wide users of technical gadgets and its over usage cause severe optical problems and slowly we too are a heading on the way of partial blindness or fully blindness. Then what is the way to restore vision ? EYE DONATION.
So donate your EYES and let see your eyes forever