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Asking ourselves why this campaign?
Is such a campaign necessary?
So many other things are evolving around us. So why this?
Need of the time or not? What is the outcome?
All these questions were answered by another two questions.
How many of you have seen blinds in your lifetime and what are their numbers?
And the answer should be, yes and around 25 to 30.
Here the next question comes. How many of them are there around us, in Kerala and whole India?
The answer is bewildering. 83000 and more in Kerala and around 50 lakhs in India!
OMG! So where are they? This question is the relevant answer for this campaignNow ask ourselves, Shall we hold them or shall we leave them…?Listen to them, not us. Answer them, and you are kind enough to answer. ACT, the golden word, the world ever met.